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Interview with Csaba Daróczi, Overall winner NPOTY contest 2019

door | mei 8, 2020 | They let Nature Talk

Jump! The winning image of the Hungarian photographer Csaba Daróczi, was chosen from over 14,000 entries from 73 countries. An absolute record number for the Nature Photographer of the Year competition (NPOTY). Directly after the award ceremony, I had the honor to speak to Csaba Daróczi about his winning image: a black and white photo of two jumping rabbits crossing each other high in the sky.

This photo was taken in Kiskunsag, near the village of Bócsa in Hungary where I live. I had discovered a jump (colony) with rabbits there and started taking pictures. Through my binoculars, I saw the rabbits regularly jump up into the air, for example when they fought for food. I found this behavior very fascinating to watch and immediately knew I wanted to take a picture of it. ” Csaba Daróczi smiles a little when I ask him if he has a certain fascination for rabbits. No, I’m not particularly passionate about rabbits. I found the situation very special to see.”

Photographer: Csaba Daróczi

“I spent a total of 72 mornings and made thousands of images.

There are a few good ones” 

Not afraid
The rabbits were completely unafraid and showed their natural behavior because they are used to cars and therefore moving subjects. This allowed me to get close to the rabbits and make interesting images. Earlier I only saw them from a distance,” explains Csaba Daróczi.

Brand-new winner
He does not spend all day photographing the rabbits in the period from March to April. Before he sets off, Csaba Daróczi examines the conditions outside. For the photo I had in mind, I wanted to achieve a backlight scene with a dark background. I spent about 72 mornings on this project last year and took thousands of photos. There were a few good ones among them… ”, says the brand-new nature photographer of the year.

Photographer: Csaba Daróczi

“If you have a good idea and a vision on nature photography, you can also make a beautiful picture close to home” 

Popping energy
The jury has chosen this image from the many thousands of entries because of the atmosphere, the timing, the beautiful light and the perfect sharpness and composition. This photo proves once again that you don’t have to spot rare or exotic animals to take a perfect nature photo. If you have a good idea and a vision on nature photography, you can also make a beautiful picture close to home,” said Keith Wilson, chairman of the jury. “It is also remarkable that it is a black and white photo, but that is precisely what makes the energy pops out of the photo,” said Keith Wilson. After the interview I proudly thanked proud Csaba Daróczi who was still a bit surprised at winning the competition. “It is incredible,” he says. He will certainly enjoy his prize in the coming year.

Photographer: Csaba Daróczi

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