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Great News – Floating Hide “The Grebe”

door | aug 31, 2021 | Blog

Great news from Buteo Photo Gear, one of our sponsors since the very first edition of NPOTY. 

Buteo Photo Gear has partnered with Nature Photographer Of The Year (NPOTY) for many years and intends to be partner for many more years to come. Maybe you are one of the lucky winners in previous NPOTY editions who got one of the photo hides or accessories that were made available by this sponsor! 

And now Jurgen Sloots, owner of Buteo Photo Gear, announces his plan to add a new product to the range of hides. Something many nature photographers dream of: a brand new Floating Hide called “The Grebe”. But he needs your help! Only with your support and help Jurgen and his team can bring this amazing floating hide to the market!

On September 1st at 12 a.m. (Noon, CEST)  Buteo Photo Gear will announce their new Floating Hide “The Grebe” on Kickstarter.com.

As you may know, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. Many photography related brands like Peak Design, Shimoda and Benro have preceded Buteo Photo Gear in presenting and pitching their new products to the crowd. 

This is the one and only time Buteo Photo Gear will give you a huge discount on the future retail prices and add on some interesting bonuses!

So please have a look and share this with your wildlife photography friends.


Enjoy wildlife photography! Make your own awesome low-level images of birds and mammals on the water surface.

As a fellow wildlife photographer you must be impressed with images by colleague photographers of waterfowl and mammals from a low-level point of view on the water surface?

Beautiful scenery, good light, beautiful backgrounds and above all close encounters with wildlife.

The only problem: how to make those images yourself when you probably do not have the right gear. Have you?


It’s 04.00 in the morning and your alarm clock goes off. Grabbing your cloths and gear for your next photo adventure, but you’re still a little sleepy.

The plan is to go to a nature reserve close to home with heath and fens. It’s migration time and there are always surprises with migrating birds.

Hope to make the images you already made in your dreams at night. Think you will recognize that 😉

First things first; breakfast and a good cup of coffee and after a short drive and a little walk you arrive at one of the best fen spots in the area. It’s still dark, but everything looks very promising. The first birds begin to sing, the sun rises and it is mysteriously foggy.

After making some sunrise images you see that the fen is populated with waterfowl.

You want to go close and go as low as possible to make your dream shots. 

What to do?

Your boots aren’t good enough, your waders are an option, but then you need some good camouflage. And even then you don’t get low enough and your camera gear isn’t protected.

In your mind you make the most superb images of this mysteriously foggy conditions and the beautiful birds on the water surface. 

But you quickly realize that you miss the gear to get the best out of it.

Your plan and ideas are good, your execution is not! 

Never miss out again

If you don’t have the gear to go on the water, you will never truly have these experiences and shoot these kinds of images yourself.

You can make something yourself (DIY) but it costs you a lot of time and is really hard to do. You lose valuable shooting time and your gear is not as protected as it should be. 

Not even talking about transporting your self-made hide: it does not fit your car and how can you possibly carry this beast to the waterfront? 

Let alone bringing this on your further, possibly international, photography adventures…

I understand you

I understand your problems and experienced them myself. I’ve been a passionate nature and wildlife photographer for many years myself. 

I missed so many opportunities myself because of my boots, waders, DIY constructions, bad camouflage, no low-level gear – you name it…

But the most important thing is that I had to miss out on the great images I dreamed of to impress myself… and others 😉


We have the solution for you! 

Floating Hide “The Grebe” or just GREBE

We studied every piece of equipment on the market, got feedback from friends, ambassadors, customers and other nature and wildlife photographers from our community.

Then we got to the drawing board, made several concepts, many samples, tried many materials… 

Again and again, we checked our prototypes to all wishes and desires of the photographers in our community and our floating hide was born in concept.

Images you always dreamed of.

Easy to transport, easy to set-up, easy to use, comfortable, your gear protected, reliable, sturdy materials and versatile in use.

But more important is that floating hide “The Grebe” is the perfect solution for you to experience floating hide photography and come home with superb low-level images of birds and mammals on the water surface. 

Finally shoot the images you always dreamed of, the images that stand out in the pile, the images that can be on your wall, win you contests and above all give you a smile every time you see them!

What’s in the bag?

Our solution for you: small pack size, inflatable, 2 x air chambers, easy to set-up, light weight, perfect camouflage pattern, sturdy material, quick umbrella style tent frame, unique window closings, 2 x cargo pockets, 2 x mounting plates, 2 heights to photograph from (normal and very low), safety net, mounting screw, duffle bag, loops for extra camouflage material etc. And as an extra peddle ears to use the tube as a boat. (peddles not included)

And now as bonus: pump 10L and grass clumps camouflage material.

With our floating hide “The Grebe” you can finally make those awesome low-level images on the water surface you always wanted!

Support us please!

I hope you like the Grebe. Only with your support and help we can bring this amazing floating hide to the market. 

Have a look at our pre-launch page and/or click on the green button that says “back this project” when we go live on Kickstarter.

We go live September 1st at 12 a.m. (Noon, CEST). 



Thank you!  Jurgen Sloots & Team

Images © Mario Suarez Porras, Jose Luis Ruiz Jimenez & Patrick Palmen

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