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Nature Talks Online Photo Festival

Our experienced top-notch Nature  Photographers and Photojournalists from all over the world will educate you on the intricacies of photography. We bet you will be eager and ready with your camera, to start practicing all that you have learned in nature. So, connect your television (for example via a USB cable with your laptop) and watch the videos comfortably from your own sofa. 

Top 12 reasons why you shouldn’t miss our Nature Talks (Online) Photo Festival

  1. Watch the amazing lectures immediately after buying your ticket;
  2. Masterclasses, photo reviews, and live Q&A sessions all given in the English language;
  3. Most of the lectures given by 25 world-class Nature Photographers are also English spoken (when the talks are in Dutch, we provide English subtitles);
  4. You will get access to all the session recordings for two or three months;
  5. Every session is online and you can follow it at every location. Enjoy the festival ambiance from out your living room. So, connect your television (for example via a USB cable with your laptop) and watch the videos comfortably from your own sofa. Settle in with your favorite snacks and enjoy all the speakers and session;
  6. Get to know all the ins and outs of nature photography and choose from the different programs, you want to know all about: education, inspiration, and/or conservation;
  7. Let the pros unravel their secrets during their live Masterclass;
  8. Have your photos reviewed, get endless inspiration and discover new angles;
  9. Bring out your creativity, you never knew you had!
  10. Vote for your photo of the Nature Photographer of the Year Contest 2024;
  11. Connect virtually with other Photographers around the world.

NatureTalks (Online) Photo Festival

November 9th and 10th, 2024


Don’t miss out!



Marsel van Oosten Nature Talks Photo Festival 2020
Andrew Parkinson Nature Talks Online Photo Festival 2020

+25 speakers

Nature Talks Photo Festival has more than 25 speakers with captivating lectures

Stunning photos

You will enjoy the most fantastic images during the photo festival + learn a lot!

World class

We have speakers from all over the world learing and inspire you to do new things with nature photography

Learn from the pros

Masterclasses, webinars, Photo & Portfolio reviews and lectures. Uncover the secrets of the pros.

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