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Great media cover! Our contest is getting world wide exposure

We were surprised by the huge amount of publicity we got with the outcome of our competition last year. And still we get requests… From websites in Russia, Iraq, Brazil, Hongkong, England & USA etc. Newspapers and magazines in England, Germany, Norway or Sweden and TV programs in Italy, Denmark and France… To name a few. The results of our competition have been inspiring many many journalist from all continentes to write about nature, naturephotography and show the beauty of nature worldwide. Our press lsit grows rapily. Good to see and thanks everybody.
So, do you want to see your photos in famous newspapers, magazines, in tv shows or websites all over the world? Traveling exhibition in, for now, the Netherlands, Belgium and France? Then don’t hesitate and participate in this year’s Nature Photographer of The Year Competition! Hereunder a small glimp of media coverage.


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