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Nature Photographer Of The Year 2022


For the seventh time in a row, we’d like to welcome you to join the Nature Photographer of the Year competition, powered by Nature Talks Photo Festival in the Netherlands. We kindly invite all professional and non-professional photographers, of all ages, from all over the world, to join our contest again this year. Send in your best pictures from this year, last year or years back.

We believe that we can show the beauty of nature worldwide by sharing the most amazing images you all make. If we learn to love nature, we’ll also protect her.


When you enter this nature photography contest you have the chance to become the Nature Photographer of the Year 2022. This year the total prize money will amount to €25,000, of which many large cash prizes. For example the overall winner gets € 3.000,- and category winners € 500,-
But that’s not all, you’ll also support nature conservation. We have founded the Nature Talks Foundation (Stichting Nature Talks) to work with and support nature conservation organizations like Photographer Against Wildlife Crime. So join today, show us your stunning images, become the Nature Photographer of the Year 2022 and also help us to take care of nature.



Update Award Ceremony 2022!
Usually our Photo Festival and Award Ceremony takes place in the first half of November, for this year the event was planned on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th. During last summer our government was hinting at a possible lockdown since the level of Covid-19 infections in the Netherlands was rapidly increasing. In the last two years there was in November a so-called intelligent lockdown in the Netherlands. This means that events could not take place in November. It was very uncertain if there would be a lockdown in November, and we were afraid, if we had organized such a large Photo Festival including the Award Ceremony, we would have to cancel it because of a ‘lockdown’. This was a big financial risk for us, as it is impossible to fully insure for this. Looking at the numbers right now, the Photo Festival could easily have taken place, but we don’t have the skills to look into the future (sadly ;-)). That said, we are planning to host a live event in the first quarter of 2023.

Results December 13th!
We as a jury had many discussions and ideas about what to do with the results. Wait till our live event in the first quarter of 2023? Or to organize an Online Award Ceremony in December? Or only publish the Highly Commendeds (3rd – 5th place) in December on our website and present the Category Winners and Runner-Ups during our live event? Or publish all the prize winners on our website in December?

What have we decided? We will publish the results of all the prize winners on our website on December 13th at 21:00 hrs / 09:00 pm (CET). Except for the Overall Winner, which we will announce during the live Photo Festival in the beginning of 2023. During our live event in February/March we will invite the five prize winners per category to our Festival.


See the winners of 2021 here.
NPOTY congratulates all the winners of the 2021 edition. We received  20,0061 fantastic pictures from 97 countries. WoW!


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