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Nature Photographer Of The Year 2022

For the seventh time in a row we’d like to welcome you to join the Nature Photographer of the Year competition, powered by Nature Talks Photo Festival in the Netherlands. We kindly invite all professional and non-professional photographers, of all ages, from all over the world, to join our contest again this year. Send in your best pictures from this year, last year or years back.

We believe that we can show the beauty of nature worldwide by sharing the most amazing images you all make. If we learn to love nature, we’ll also protect her.

When you enter this nature photography contest you have the chance to become the Nature Photographer of the Year 2022. This year the total prize money will amount to €25,000, of which many large cash prizes. For example the overall winner gets € 3.000,- and category winners € 500,-

But that’s not all, you’ll also support nature conservation. We have founded the Nature Talks Foundation (Stichting Nature Talks) to work with and support nature conservation organizations like Photographer Against Wildlife Crime. So join today, show us your stunning images, become the Nature Photographer of the Year 2022 and also help us to take care of nature.

Nature Photographer of the Year 2022 contest is open

For the seventh time in a row, we’d like to welcome you to join the Nature Photographer of the Year Photo Contest 2022!
Sign up now for Nature Photographer of the year 2022 and win up to €25,000 in prices, mostly cash! Registration is free but this is a paid contest.

✔️Win up to €25,000 in prices
✔️Overall winner gets €3.000 cash | portfolio €1.000 cash
✔️Every category winner gets €500 cash
✔️Contribute to nature conservation through your submissions
✔️13 Different categories, including portfolio
✔️Free youth Category for people under 18 years old.

Entrance fee of €29,-.
Upload maximum 20 Images in all categories from C1 to C11 

Entrance fee of €17,-.
Upload max 12 photos in Category C13, for the Fred Hazelhoff Portfolio Award

Entrance fee of €44,50.
Upload max 20 Images in Categories C1 to C11 +  Upload max 12 images to Category C13

No entrance fee.
Max 5 images can be uploaded to Category C12. Young photographers between 10-17 years can enter this contest

Deadline extended! NPOTY 2022 is closing on July 10th, 2022








Timeline NPOTY 2022


Week 52, 2021


Opening NPOTY 2022
You can submit your best photos for NPOTY 2022.


Week 27, July 10th, 2022
23:59 / 11:59 PM CEST Amsterdam.


Closing date for entries NPOTY 2022


Week 28, July 2022 


Pre-selection NPOTY 2022*

We remove all files that do not comply with our rules and the pre-selection will be made. 

Week 29/30, July 2022 First Selection NPOTY 2022*
Judges take a closer look at all submissions. Every jury member will select 20 images per category which will continue to the next round (the final round).
Week 31/32, August 2022  Asking original files
Request for the original (RAW) files. You have two weeks to send the photo(s).
Week 33/34, August 2022  Checking the original (RAW) files
Week 35/36, September 2022 Final Round NPOTY 2022*
The most difficult stage for the jury: a few days of intense deliberation. The jury will choose the top 10 of photos per category, including per category the Category winners, Runner-ups, Highly Commendeds (3x), and of course the Overall winner NPOTY 2022.
Week 37/38/39, September Notification and information Winners NPOTY 2022
You will be notified in case you are a finalist and your photo ended in the top 10. If you win a prize, that’s still going to be a surprise. You could win nothing, but you can also be the Category winner, Runner-up, Highly Commended (3x), and of course the Overall winner of NPOTY 2022. We will invite you to come to the Nature Talks Photo Festival. Also we request image descriptions and other information.
Week 45, Saturday 12th of November 2022 Award Show NPOTY 2022
Festive Award Ceremony during the Nature Talks Photo Festival in the Netherlands.
Week 45, November 2022 Vote NPOTY People choice
Festival visitors can vote for the People Choice Award during and after the Nature Talks Photo Festival.
Week 47, December 2022 Announcement of the NPOTY People Choice  
Announcing winners of the People’s Choice.
Week 48, December 2022 Opening NPOTY 2023
You can submit your best photos for NPOTY 2023.


*After the pre-selection, first selection and final round we will update your personal dashboard.

William Burrard-Lucas Black leopard NPOTY 2021

About Nature Photographer of the Year


Nature Photographer of the Year is a Nature Photography contest that celebrates the artistry of nature photography. We have some fantastic prizes for you to win including our top prize of €3.000,- cash for the overall winner, plus other great cash prizes and cool photo equipment. When you enter our nature photo competition you will also help various nature conservations projects throughout the world. During our yearly Nature Talks Photo Festival on the 12/13th of November 2022 in the Netherlands we will annouce all the winners. The winners will also be presented in a photo exhibition at the festival before it will be traveling through the Netherlands, Belgium and France.


See the winners of 2021 here.

NPOTY congratulates all the winners of the 2020 edition. We received  19,547 fantastic pictures from 95 countries. WoW!


Award Ceremony 2022
The award ceremony wil be on Saturday November 12th, 2022. We will show all the finalists, runners-up, category winners and of course the overall winner, the Nature Photographer of the Year 2022! More information will follow soon.

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