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Nanda Bussers

Hello! My name is Nanda Bussers, a photo blogger with a special interest in conservation photography, travel photography, artistic nature photography and storytelling. Love hearing about your personal story and the stories behind your photos. I'm fascinated by cats, enjoy traveling and making creative macro photos of nature. My personal website is www.nandabussers.com.
Together we can change the world

Together we can change the world

Nature Photographer of the Year-contest likes to do things differently. That’s why every year Nature Photographer of the Year (NPOTY) donates a significant amount to nature conservation projects all around the world. During the festive Online Award Ceremony in 2020,...

nature photographer of the year

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Conservation project

At Nature Photographer of the Year competition we like to do things different. So therefore we share a percentage of the entry fees and contest profits to nature conservation projects throughout the world. So next to the chance of winning great prizes you also support nature conservation!